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Your graduates & alumni are facing SIGNIFICANT employment challenges!

These are uncertain times for your alumni who are working and/or out of work.  

Consider these facts:

    •  According to a survey by Gallup, an astonishing 70 percent of American workers do not feel they are reaching their full potential.
    • Another study by Kelly Services found that a staggering 48 percent are unhappy with their jobs, up 47 percent from last year.
    • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployed Americans ages 55-64 take a year on average to find a job, longer than any other age group.

Imagine if your alumni association could help alumni gain the confidence they need to leave their current employer, and at the same time, share with them the knowledge and skills they will need to quickly land their next career job.

Your alumni would thank you forever!

And your recent grads are experiencing an even more difficult time:

    • A NACE study determined it takes the average graduate will take 7.4 months to get “any” job
    • The Federal Reserve Board, AP and numerous other surveys are finding graduates 25 and under are over 50% underemployed, or, unemployed
    • A survey by Accenture found that 57 percent of graduates felt it was difficult to find a job

You could make a dramatic difference in the lives of your alumni and recent grads when you adopt our CareerCommunity and CareerWebinar Series.  Your CareerCommunity will be branded to your college and instantly give your alumni, grads, and even students, access to live and recorded webinars featuring the nation’s top career authors.  

Surveys and polls are confirming alumni want career programming!

Surveys and polls are suggesting alumni want career programming.  Our surveys show that alumni love having access to top career authors and experts as well as the career news, discussions and career planning tools that are a part of the CareerCommunity platform. 

CareerCommunity and CareerWebinar Series delivers 24/7!

Our clients love the CareerCommunity and CareerWebinar Series because it’s incredibly affordable, of course free to all alumni and most importantly because we do all the work.  We manage, host and coordinate everything. We've provided a similar service to over 1,000 career centers.   We do all the work!  It's really turn-key!

Contact us to learn how you can make a dramatic impact on the careers of your alumni!

It’s easy to get started. 

Email, or call!

800-849-1762 x 203

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