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Title:          Your Career: How to Make it Happen
Focus: Career Management
Series: CareerCamp
Lisa M.D. Owens
Learn the 5-Phase Job Search Journey!


Webinar Overview
In today's world, finding a job can be overwhelming. Either there are too many jobs to choose from, or not enough that match your skill set. 

Job seekers commonly spend days applying for jobs online, yet get little or no response from prospective employers. In this webinar, learn how to make your job search journey less overwhelming. Learn about a step-by-step approach that can help you find jobs that fit your personality, lifestyle, and skills. 

Learn how to use your valuable time more efficiently so you can get on with life, and find that great next job that is part of YOUR Career Journey.

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:
  • identify where you are in the 5-Phase Job Search Journey,
  • apply tools to help you zero-in on the jobs that are a good match for you.
  • apply an efficient job search strategy to maximize your efforts on your Job Search Journey.

Presenter: Lisa M.D. Owens
Ms. Owens is a learning expert who approaches learning programs in a systematic fashion, applying current best practices emerging from recent neuroscience findings.  

Following a decade in the engineering field designing manufacturing facilities, recruiting young women engineers, and doing consumer and market research, Lisa shifted into a role as a full-time corporate training manager at Procter & Gamble.  In this position, she created P&G’s first online global training programs, including a new hire web-based program in 1998 called Experience the Journey.  She also worked on training for P&G interviewers. In 2000, partnering with a P&G recruiting leader, she created the first online internal job posting system for over 80,000 employees and their managers at over 200 sites around the world.  
Following retirement after 30+ years with P&G, Lisa founded Training Design Strategies LLC (TDS) in 2012 as an avenue to continue doing what she does best: working with the doers and the movers of the world to help them achieve their goals through powerful training. 

Beyond her current work with clients, she is an instructor for Ohio University’s graduate instructional design program, and on the executive advisory board for GC-ATD.  Her publications include the books Your Career: How to Make it Happen (2016, Cengage Learning), Leaders as Teachers Action Guide (2014, coauthor), Lo start-up do una Corporate University (Italian), and a variety of articles and blogs on these topics. She is currently working on a course for ATD called The Modern Learner.