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Title:          The Job Hunting Mindset For College Graduates
Focus: Career Exploration
Series: CareerCamp
Hoang Pham
Tips, strategies and information you need to put yourself in the right mindset to get a job - FAST!


Webinar Overview
You are about to enter uncharted waters.  If you’ve stopped into the career center a couple of times you’ve got a preliminary idea on what you know to get a job.  But there is so much more.  

You will have to learn how to create a keyword laden resume so computer software will identify you as a possible short list candidate. Then if you are lucky, you’ll get a chance to interview with the firm.  We’ll review ideas and strategies that will help you prepare for your interview, and be able to tell stories about yourself that will help the interviewer remember you.

You will learn first hand about mistakes everyone makes so you can avoid road bumps as you start your first professional job search.  With 11-14 job searches ahead of you by the time you are 38, it only makes sense to learn the “right” way to land the jobs that match your interest, skills, and passion.

Presenter: Hoang Pham
Heya, I’m Hoang Pham and I’m very excited that you are visiting my blog. 

The core of my blog for you is to go on this journey with me, so you as well can make your own choices in life to create your own future, as you like. Since I’m in the verge of building my career, most of the topics will be focused on career building, productivity and self-exploration. Along the way I am sharing the tools I use. 

Have you ever wondered whether the road you’re taking on at this moment will lead to your success in life? I’m not only talking about your studies or career, but in all the activities you choose to do. 

Well, I sure have and I believe these days, young adolescents who have been struggling with these thoughts, label it as the quarter-life crisis. 

Nowadays in our modern society, we are so fortunate to create our future. We have the freedom to make our choices in career and in life. This “spoils” us so much that some of us want to break free from the path society are expecting us to take. 

But is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know yet, and that is what I’m trying to figure out. 

Here’s what I’ve been up to so far

Coming from a Vietnamese background living in the country of tall people, I’ve always struggled to look over the people here in the Netherlands. 

Moving into the student-era, I tried to pursue a career as a medical doctor, but I failed to get into medicine. I did Biomedical science instead, because that’s what we all did. At the end of my bachelor I started to question whether I really wanted to do medical research. 

I considered a total switch in career and studies and that’s when I found a bi-lateral course of Science and Business. 

I started to read more business/entrepreneurship books, with the 4-hour workweek being a game changer for me. 

In my last year with an introduction in Business, I was able to study one semester in Sydney learning more about commerce and all. 

While there and being emerged in the startup scene, I wanted to get more involved with startups. This is good because at this moment I joined a startup in Amsterdam (YES.TAP). Looking back, this sure has been a large career switch for me, and I love it! 

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