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Title:          The Twitter Job Search Guide
Focus: Networking
Series: CareerSearch
Chandlee Bryan

The Twitter Job Search
Moving Your Career Forward in 140 Characters


Webinar Overview

The Twitter Job Search
Moving Your Career Forward in 140 Characters

One of the biggest challenges in any career is making connections and good impressions in the right places, at the right times. With a range of options for information gathering, communication, and sharing, Twitter is an invaluable tool for career management – not only can tweeting and following help you find new opportunities, Twitter is a wonderful tool for expanding your professional presence and solidifying your image.

Join Chandlee Bryan, co-author of the Twitter Job Search Guide, and learn some phenomenal strategies to help your career in 140 characters or less.

You will learn:

    • The many ways Twitter can help you learn about new opportunities and build your professional presence online.
    • Strategies for using Twitter's powerful search capabilities to identify recruiters, hiring managers, and others who share your interests.
    • How to tune into industry and professional conferences around the world - and join the dialogue.
    • Best practices for creating shareable content
    • Best practices for online reputation management.

It’s true that every Tweet (status update) is limited to 140 characters, and it may sound odd that Twitter can be used in multiple ways to meet your personal and professional goals, but the truth is that if you aren’t using Twitter for professional success, you’re missing out. Join us for an overview of what Twitter can do for you, and equip yourself with the skills and tools you need to get started Tweeting for success with this invaluable platform.

Presenter: Chandlee Bryan
Chandlee Bryan, M.Ed. is co-author of the Twitter Job Search Guide. A career advisor who has earned certifications in career coaching, resume writing and recruiting,

Chandlee has a comprehensive understanding of the hiring process. Over the course of her career, Chandlee has worked in professional development for rocket scientists, served as a Resume Writing Specialist for Microsoft and led one of Manhattan's largest grassroots job search groups at the height of the recession. She founded a small private practice, Best Fit Forward in 2008 and currently works at the Center for Professional Development at Dartmouth College.