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Title:          Life in Twenty-Something: A Story of Self-Discovery
Focus: Personal Skills
Series: CareerCamp
Evan Tarver

Your career is the most important investment you will ever make!

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Webinar Overview

Life in Twenty-Something: A Story of Self-Discovery

If you've ever believed that you're destined for something great, and if you're constantly searching for your purpose, then this presentation is for you. Evan will present the life that stands before you in the characters in his book. You may recognize yourself in some of them. Along the way you will gain an understanding of the importance of taking time right now to gain a better understanding of what you want out of your life and regardless of others expectations, do what you need to do to explore the jobs, responsibilities, and industries that will feed your personal happiness and desire to make a difference.

Just like the characters in Evans book, Evan will remind you that you will face difficult people who for a multitude of reasons will put roadblocks in front of you that can slow down, or alter your career path. You will learn how to transcend issues and events that could keep you from reaching your dream job. Join Evan to gain a learn insights into how you can control your destiny by building a solid foundation in your twenties!
Presenter: Evan Tarver
Evan is a copywriter, fiction author, and business owner with experience in finance and technology.
He contributes nonfiction articles to various business publications, writes a weekly blog on self-improvement at, has a published personal finance book, and openly admits that he's a “business nerd.”
However, he's also a regular nerd who pens full-length fiction novels that span from the historical past to the dystopian future.
Each piece of writing, whether it be a one-page finance article or a 400-page fiction story, is meant to provide readers with lasting enjoyments and actionable takeaways that better their lives and encourage them to act.
In 2002, I was named Family Physician of the Year by the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians. In 2010, I became a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Because ultimately, the key to true happiness is self-improvement through positive experiences, and all of Evan's works seek to accelerate that self-improvement and spread those positive experiences.
Some of his ideas explore the social environment on the macro level, some of his ideas explore the transformative power of personal growth on the micro level – while most of them probably fall somewhere in-between. But everything is written to inspire people to shift the way they think; it may not be a big shift, but it will always be a positive one.

Instagram: @thefakeevan_t
Twitter: @evan_tarv