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Title:          The Simple Art of LinkedIn
Focus: Networking
Series: CareerSearch
Joseph Nathaniel Lewis III

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Webinar Overview

The Simple Art of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective online resource tools available today. Recruiters, department managers, human resource professionals and hiring managers will check it out before you even are aware they are looking at you.

Joe will help you understand how to make your LinkedIn profile work for you!

You will take away a better understanding of:

    • What hiring managers are looking for in your profile
    • What fields and information you need to update in your profile that will increase your visibility
    • How to use your LinkedIn profile to promote your “thought leadership.
    • Simple techniques to market yourself with your LinkedIn profile
Joe will also share Do’s and Don’ts associated with the successful use of LinkedIn for your job search. Join Joe to learn in 60 minutes what it would have taken you years of trial and error!
Presenter: Joseph Nathaniel Lewis III
Recruiting expert Joseph Nathaniel Lewis III is a Certified Mediation Specialist, IT Professional, Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Mentor whose career spans several decades.
As an IT professional, Lewis has over 30 years of interviewing and hiring experience. He has worked for some of Wall Street’s premier financial institutions including Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs, Chase, Bank of New York, Thomson Financial, Thomson Reuters, Duetsche Bank, ADP, Instinet, Guardian Life Insurance, and John Wiley Publishing & Media. Maintaining management positions at these firms has provided Mr. Lewis with extensive interviewing, hiring and resourcing experience which he shares in his Simple Art book series.
He teaches workshops for high school and college-age students showing the basics of using LinkedIn to find job opportunities, writing a powerful resume, and how to successfully interview for a job. He can be reached at joeriz123 (at)