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Title:          Job Search & Career Free Tools Resource Book
Focus: Job Search
Series: CareerSearch
Jason McDonald

The best investment you will ever make - is in your career!


Webinar Overview

Job Search & Career Free Tools Resource Book

The job search process only a decade ago consisted of looking at the newspaper want adds and sending a resume.

Today, you not only need to know how to network and interview, but you need to know how to create keyword laden resumes, build your brand online, use social media, and direct your resumes to targeted job boards.

Jason McDonald has assembled the largest collection of online tools career management and job search tools that will:

    • Alert you to opportunities weeks before they are officially advertised
    • Help you find out key influencers at companies you are applying to – that you may know
    • Help you organize your job search process so you can keep track what you said to whom, and when
    • Give you a better insight to the companies you are applying for so you can leverage the information to show you understand their product, service, industry and issues.
Jason will give you insight on established, and new online resources in the following areas:

    • Tutorials – Online Job Search & Career-building Tutorials
    • Books– Recommended Books on Jobs & Careers
    • Personal Branding – Resources & Tools to Brand Thyself
    • Resume Sites – Job Search & Resume Upload Sites
    • Content Marketing – Tools to Create & Curate Content
    • SEO Basics – Tools, Tips & Tutorials to Master SEO
    • Blogs – A Better Blog & a Better Personal Website
    • LinkedIn – Tools to Schmooze on LinkedIn
    • Facebook – Friends, Family, Fun, & Facebook Marketing
    • Twitter – Handles, Hashtags, Retweets & Twitter
    • Other Networks – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
    • Monitoring – Content and Reputation Management Tools
These amazing tools will turn your job search process upside down. Not only will it make it easier, but you are likely to enjoy the time saving and innovative tools available to you today. Join Jason to learn about the career and job search tools that will give you more control over your job search process and your career advancement.
Presenter: Jason McDonald
I write books on SEO, books on social media marketing, and books on AdWords. My most popular book is an SEO 2017 book entitled, 'SEO Fitness Workbook 2017.' My second book, the 'Social Media Marketing Workbook' overviews social media marketing 2017, including Facebook marketing (Facebook for business), Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Yelp for business, etc. I have a forthcoming book on Job Search and Career Building in the Internet age, and I really need to update my books on Google AdWords, 'AdWords Gotchas.' Never enough time!
My passion is to take complex marketing topics and make them easy-to-understand for business owners and marketers. The style is practical, hands-on, and fun.
Reach out to me by simply Googling 'Jason McDonald' or call me at 415-655-1071. I'm always eager for questions!
Keywords: SEO books, social media books, SEO 2017, social media marketing 2017.
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