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Title:          How to Make Yourself Promotable: 7 skills to help you climb the career
Focus: Career Exploration
Series: CareerDiscussions
Mette Johansson

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Webinar Overview

How to Make Yourself Promotable: 7 skills to help you climb the career ladder

It’s really easy to make yourself promotable! You just need to have a plan and execute it. Mette Johansson has invested a great deal of time to learn what it takes to get promoted in today’s highly competitive job market.

If you are looking for guidance on how to take your career to the next level you need to visit with Mette during this career discussion to learn the seven primary principals, she’s identified-- that when acted on --will significantly increase your opportunities and career advancement. You will learn the details behind these seven principals.

    • Practice powerful communication
    • Raise your self-confidence
    • Own your brilliance
    • Mentor and be mentored
    • Optimize relations with your boss
    • Target peak productivity
    • Engage authentically
Regardless of your profession, and your industry, your knowledge – your hard skills – will be essential for success. However, as you have probably already learned, this is usually not enough. If you only focus on hard skills, you can get stuck in a corner office as the most experienced specialist in your field. If you want more responsibility, you will have to show management your soft skills: people skills, attitude, and knowing how to get things done.

You can take control of your career and jump start your next promotion by joining Mette to learn how to implement the seven principals of advancement so you can get out the current rut you are in and advance to interesting and challenging new responsibilities.
Presenter: Mette Johansson
Mette Johansson is an author, speaker and the founder of MetaMind Training.
MetaMind Training focuses on developing aspiring managers in multinational companies in the area of communications and interpersonal skills. Prior to becoming a trainer, Mette held leadership positions in the area of corporate communications for over 15 years, working for an advertising agency as well as a large multinational organization.
In 2013, she made a pivotal career change and decided to dedicate her professional life to what she loves most: helping to unleash the talent in young professionals, managers, and team leaders. Mette has studied, worked and lived in 11 countries. She is a strong believer in life-long learning and the self-improvement process. She is an active pro-bono trainer for underprivileged women.