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Title:          Strategies for Retiring Right!
Focus: Retirement
Series: CareerEncores
Rick Atkinson

Your career is like a marathon - not a sprint! Invest the time today to get where you want to be tomorrow!


Webinar Overview

Strategies for Retiring Right!

    • Worried you won’t have enough money in retirement?
    • Concerned about losing your work identity?
    • Envisioning where you will live after you leave work?
    • Wondering how your relationships will change with your family, friends, and partner?
Whether you are considering retirement planning or are already retired, Rick will help you build a personal retirement plan to enhance your life after work. With his profound insights, lessons from true stories, and self-reflective exercises, Rick provides a pathway for you to make a successful transition from work to retirement.

Based on his research Rick will offer proven strategies for retirement success, including:

    • Creating a realistic vision
    • Achieving a balanced lifestyle
    • Deciding whether to sell or remain in your current home
    • Enhancing relationships with your loved ones
    • Calculating how much money you’ll need to live comfortably.
Join Rick in this thoughtful and relevant discussion that will help you develop a plan and strategies to achieving a happy and stimulating retirement.
Presenter: Rick Atkinson
Rick is the founder and president of RA Retirement Advisors specializing in retirement planning. He teaches people currently considering or planning for retirement as well as those who are recently retired how to create a happy and stimulating life after work.
Rick is the author of the best-selling book, Don’t Just Retire – Live It, Love It! and the popular workbook, The First Step.
Prior Experience Before retiring, Rick was a human resources management specialist working as both an internal and external HR consultant in manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, health and social services. He consulted to provincial and municipal levels of government.
Among positions held, Rick was a senior executive with Med-Chem Laboratories, BP Selco Mining and Imperial Oil, responsible for the human aspect of these successful firms.
During Rick’s working history, Rick trained and coached employees at all levels of organizations. He was known for his practical, interactive and results oriented workshops and his one-on-one caring style of coaching and mentoring.
From Corporate Executive to Self-Directed Trader Over Rick’s business career, he observed hundreds of people retire – the successful and the not so successful. What he witnessed was successful retirees recognize the need to plan for happiness and productivity. They evaluate what’s important to them and construct actions to satisfy their needs and wants (often times much more than the money!).
Rick’s observations, together with in-depth interviews with hundreds of successful retirees, resulted in Rick’s book Don’t Just Retire and his The First Step Workshop.
Rick has addressed thousands of boomers across Canada, facilitated hundreds of workshops and coached scores of people. All with the aim of aiding attendees acquire true retirement satisfaction.
Rick is now associated with the Independent Investor Institute offering his retirement knowledge, insights and experience to students.
Educational Background
In addition to a MBA from York University and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, Rick holds the Ontario Society for Training and Development’s Advanced Level Certificate of Achievement.