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Title:          5 Steps to Building a Powerful & Profitable Network
Focus: Networking
Series: CareerSearch
Beth Bridges

The easiest, fastest, and most effective way to build a professional network is to have an automatic plan in place.

5 Steps To Building a Powerful & Profitable Network

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Webinar Overview

Your chances of attaining your dream job will improve drastically when you have a plan.  Because networking is a principal way job seekers are getting jobs today, you need to have an active, written strategy – one you can refer to frequently.  Join bestselling author Beth Bridges and learn her 5 part networking success plan.

You will learn:

1.      How to pick and choose the right events that will support your networking strategy.

2.      The five-part networking success plan that will help you build a powerful network.

3.      Effortless ways to be a resource to your network so they will spend time to support you!

Presenter: Beth Bridges
Beth Bridges is The Networking Motivator.™ She has attended more than  2,500 networking events and interacted with tens of thousands of people in person and online. During her 11-year term as the Membership Director and Chief Networking Officer of a large Chamber of Commerce, she saw both new and experienced business people struggling to network effectively. The Five Part Networking Success Plan™ is her solution not only for business owners, but for salespeople, marketers, job seekers, college students and anyone who wants to make his or her life easier.”

Beth shows people how to use this plan to build their own highly responsive and powerful networks through individual coaching, keynote speaking, seminars, and the Five Part Networking Success Planner. Audiences consistently rave about her high energy, encouraging, and valuable presentations. She encounters people who--months and years later--are still using and  benefiting from the concrete and actionable ideas contained within the plan.

Beth has shared her networking strategy with corporations, colleges and universities, and business associations. New business owners, sole proprietors, independent sales agents, corporate executives and managers, solopreneurs, and network marketers have all benefited from this practical but powerful system. She trains individuals, companies, and organizations on using her deliberate, intentional, and strategic system for networking on purpose.

Beth is widely recognized by Chamber of Commerce executives across North America as a leading networking authority. She is an Expert Author on with more two hundred published articles and is a Top Author in the Business Networking category. Beth is a Summa Cum Laude and Dean’s Medalist graduate of CSU Fresno with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Beth has leveraged her in-person networking skills to build large social media networks on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.