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Title:          What You Don’t Say In An Interview Could Hold You Back
Focus: Interviewing
Series: CareerSearch
Carole Martin

It takes an average of 11 interviews to get a job.  Being unprepared is not only stressfull, but it could wreck your career.

What You Don’t Say In an Interview Could Hold You Back

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Webinar Overview

There is a good chance you are the best candidate for the job, but what if you can’t articulate that?  Interviews unfortunately favor individuals who can not only listen and understand the questions being asked, but are able to quickly formulate good responses.  You can learn how to increase your confidence and dramatically improve the impressions you make in interviews when you join Carole Martin, author of Boost Your Interview IQ.

 You will learn:

1.      Skill building exercises you can do to prepare yourself for interviews.

2.      How to build a personal narrative that showcases your skills, knowledge and personality.

3.      How to recognize and respond to “tricky” behavioral questions and leave the interviewers wowed.

Presenter: Carole Martin
I have strived to make INTERVIEWING my niche - my area of expertise.  I am a SME - "a Subject Matter Expert" on the subject of job interviewing.

My background is diverse in that I have worked in a variety of environments ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, as well as non-profit and academia. I've worked in High Tech and Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Biotechnology.

As a Human Resources Manager for many years, I interviewed thousands of people and watched them make major mistakes - and lose the job to someone else. Although I wanted to help them, I couldn't because I was on the other side of the desk. After I received my Master's degree in Career Counseling, I made a decision to change what I did because I wanted to help people. My work has been extremely rewarding because of the wonderful emails I receive telling me about the differences I have made in the lives of others - helping them get the jobs and careers they wanted.

My clients range from attorneys to administrative assistants and everyone in between: FBI agents, law enforcement, fire, police and other public agencies, project managers, public relations professionals, product managers, sales people, accounting and finance people at all levels, high-tech IT experts, teachers, pre-med students and grads, health care professionals, and even beauty queens.

For me, what counts in my work is the caring and connection I make with people. I really want them to succeed, so I will do whatever it takes to help them; and that includes follow-up email for as long it takes. We practice, we talk strategy and focus, and together we come up with ideas to set them apart from the other candidates.