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Title:          Cut the Crap, Get a Job!
Focus: Job Search
Series: CareerSearch
Dana Manciagli
Sure it's tough looking for a job, but the longer you are looking for a job the tougher it will get.  Learn how to "get it done" quicker and with less effort!

Webinar Overview
Wow, Dana doesn’t pull any punches.

Dana understands what it’s like to go through a job search process. She understands that the stress levels created are right up there with a death in the family and the fear of public speaking. In fact, in some cases, unemployment can be worse as it can linger for months.

Dana’s goal is to get you out of the unemployment market, or if you are changing jobs, make sure you transition to the next one without missing a beat.

So how do you do that?

You'll learn an effective approach to the latest employment practices and brand new, proprietary techniques for career development. You will learn:

  • Innovative techniques that will help you stand out of the crowd
  • How to break your job search responsibilities into manageable steps
  • How to utilize technology to increase your reach and awareness

If you're ready to get serious and make your next career move, participate in this presentation.

Presenter: Dana Manciagli
Dana Manciagli, called “a combination of Jillian Michaels and Suze Orman for careers,” has been a corporate executive for more than 30 years and has leveraged her employee hiring and management experience into that of author, blogger, keynote speaker, career coach, and global career expert. She is the author of Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A New Job Search Process for a New Era.

Dana has had a remarkable career in global sales and marketing roles in Fortune 500 corporations. Recently retired from a decade’s tenure at Microsoft as worldwide sales general manager, Dana previously worked for Kodak as VP of worldwide marketing and climbed the corporate career ladder through Sea-Land, Avery Dennison, and IBM. She also helped grow a fast-growing technology start-up from early stage to IPO and sale of the company.

Dana has coached, interviewed, and hired thousands of job seekers. As a result, she has developed a proprietary job search and networking process. Her ideas and techniques are proven to be as effective for new college graduates as for senior executives. Dana has presented her concept at hundreds of career-centric and corporate events and is a prolific writer on the subject. She is a sought-after speaker and a regular contributor to print and online publications, including owning her own weekly “Career Mojo” column in all of the national Business Journals.

Named a top “Women of Influence” in Seattle, Dana lives and works in Puget Sound where she serves on the Worldwide Board of Junior Achievement. She is also a breast cancer conqueror, received her MBA at the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, and speaks fluent Spanish. Dana shares her life with Mathis, is immensely proud of her two grown sons, Shane and Chad, and loves to golf and travel the world.