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Title:          Grab Your Keys and Drive Your Career
Focus: Corporate Skills
Series: CareerSkills
Los Ellis

Your organization is expecting you to help lead the company, your department and your colleagues.  

Grab Your Keys and Drive Your Caree

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Webinar Overview

Your leadership skills are the key to helping you reach that next step on the corporate ladder.  In today’s lean organizations, everyone is expected to step into a leadership role of some kind. To do that, sometimes you need to rebrand yourself!  Join Los Ellis, author of Keys to Life Business Success, to learn how to expand your leadership skills, get noticed and gain the appreciation of those with whom you work.

You will learn:

1.      How to recognize the moments when you should take a leadership role.

2.      Proven strategies to show others your capabilities while taking charge of situations.

3.      Enormously effective yet simple techniques to rebrand yourself.

Presenter: Los Ellis
Los Ellis resides in sunny Austin, Texas where he is a mentor, uncle, and adoptive parent to his nephew Kendrick. Los' commitment to personal and community development is a testament to his devotion of education and uplifting his community. His charitable and volunteer commitment extends from his work as a lead  member of the Texas "Mobile Loaves and Fishes" team, which provides meals, clothing and living supplies to the Texas' homeless and under-serviced population. He also serves as a sign language interpreter for many of Austin's homeless residents. Los has volunteered with the Livestrong as well, where he donated his time to help cancer survivors.
Los is a life member of the esteemed professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, and serves as one of five elected provincial vice-presidents for its chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Los also serves on the Delta Sigma Pi National Board of Directors, helping to shape, direct and enhance the goals and leadership of the organization.
As one of five founding partners and director for, Los facilitates and nurtures the creation of small business ideas and serves as an incubation venture capitalist that supports capital infusion to aspiring business entrepreneurs.

Los Ellis graduated from the University of Oklahoma's Michael F. Price College of Business, where he was one of the founders and creators of the Sooner Information Network, the University of Oklahoma's first student web portal and information center. He also served as the college of business student leadership president and the president of his fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. Los has received multiple honorariums and awards for his creative and energizing contributions to education and holds multiple certifications from accredited universities around the country.

Los has an extensive professional career in information technology and project management. He managed one-fourth of Dell Inc's global IT portfolios for more than two years while in Dell's C.I.O. office. He currently works with the State of Texas and the US Government concerning their mutual information technology interests.

Los travels as a professional motivational speaker to many of the country’s best colleges and universities. His presentational ability to deliver powerful motivational and economical performances has propelled him to the top of speakers’ lists in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and beyond.  Los delivers an inspirational message coupled with current and coveted knowledge of the business world, which rivals the best resources published and recorded.  As a professional speaker and career coach to many future and current business leaders, Los is a “must-have” resource for anyone serious about surviving and winning in the business world today!