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Title:          Super Secrets of a Successful Executive Job Search
Focus: Job Search
Series: CareerSearch
Simon Gray

Simple but effective strategies could help you land a new job faster!


Webinar Overview
Having worked with senior executive clients from across the world on a private 1-1 basis, for the first time he reveals publicly what it really takes to stand out in the executive job market. 

Whether you're a CEO in the USA and looking for a job locally or a CFO in the UK and looking to further your career internationally, Simon’s presentation will share proven secrets that have made his book a best seller with nearly sixty 5-star ratings.

You will learn why you should forget about waiting for the right position to be advertised, by then it’s often too late. You will gain a better understanding of why you should grab the executive job market by the scruff of the neck – and take control of your own destiny!

Simon will highlight methodology from his book, that will empower you to:
  1.  Uncover a higher number of executive opportunities in a shorter period of time.
  2.  Generate a higher probability of converting executive opportunities into job offers.
  3.  Negotiate a more competitive starting salary and benefits package.
  4.  Manage your own career and executive job search both now and in the future.
You will walk away with powerful new strategies, increased confidence, and the development of a career plan that will lead to rapid promotions.

Presenter: Simon Gray
Simon Gray is an experienced recruiter, chartered accountant, and entrepreneur. As a consultant and then founding director of his own recruitment business, he has extensive experience on the frontline, acting for both job seeker and employer. After many years in the recruitment industry, he realized that the best way to help job seekers at any level was not to find them a position himself but to empower them to find the right opportunity for themselves.

This led to the publication of his first book Super Secrets of the Successful Jobseeker and the formation of Career Codex, a careers and employability training company.

Since then he has written two more books, Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search and Super Secrets of the Successful First-Time Jobseeker.

Simon is an experienced speaker and commentator; he has appeared on BBC National News at Ten and has been quoted in The Guardian, Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.
He is a past president of the Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln Society of Chartered Accountants and a freeman of the City of London (Merchant Taylors' Company).

In his leisure time Simon is a keen martial artist and while living and working in Japan, he completed the world famous Yoshinkan Aikido Senshusei course with the Tokyo Riot Police.

Simon can be contacted via his website, on Twitter @careercodex or via LinkedIn - he is always happy to hear from people who have read his book.