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Title:          Active Interviewing
Focus: Interviewing
Series: CareerSearch
Eric Kramer
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Webinar Overview

Our research has shown it takes 16 Interviews to get an offer, and the offer might not be for the job you really want! 

So when you get the interview - congratulations!  But now the real work starts. You need to invest a good deal of time in planning for your interview.

By attending this Webinar you will learn: 

  • Why job interviews are broken 
  • How to use basic sales skills in your interview 
  • How to build a strategy around your upcoming interview 
  • Techniques to link your background and experience to critical job requirements 
  • How to tell stories about your work and college experience to prove you can do a job 
  • What questions YOU should ask to show your interest and preparedness
Presenter: Eric Kramer
Eric started his professional career working as a clinical psychologist, and has experience as an employee in both large and small companies, as an entrepreneur in software development, and as an independent consultant. Eric also has experience working as a Career Consultant and Career Center Manager with two of the country’s largest career transition firm. As a Senior Consultant, Eric worked with hundreds of job searchers individually and in groups teaching them job search skills and coaching them through their interviews. Based on his background in psychology and through his work with transitioning executives,