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Welcome to the SUNY Potsdam Career Community
for Students and Alumni

Are you here for the first time?  If so, WELCOME! 

To participate in this Career Community you will need to REGISTER (see New User button above)  to gain access to all of the live and recorded webinars.  We recommend you use your email as your username.  Your student ID will not work in this Career Community.

Financial advisors remind us to manage our money, but what about our careers? Creating a career plan and managing your career will provide the resources you need to not only enjoy life, but enjoy your retirement years. That’s where we want to help. 

Watch the video to the right to learn which career webinar series is right for you!


Featured Speakers

SUNY Potsdam Alumni LinkedIn Community

Join others who are continuing to build their professional networks. Students reach out to alumni, while alumni reach out to students and fellow alumni. The more connections you make, the greater the opportunity you have to enrich your personal and professional life. 

SUNY Potsdam Alumni Online Directory

The SUNY Potsdam Alumni Online Directory includes a comprehensive list of all alumni. You can find an old roommate, locate alumni with similar business interests, or reach out to others for help in finding a dream job. 

LinkedIn Networking Groups

Research is suggesting 80 percent of us get jobs through people we know.  So your job is to expand your networking groups to build more relevant relationships across space and time!   LinkedIn has over a hundred thousand networking groups. Click here to get started.

You can watch live or recorded presentations by the nation's top career

Join other professionals in discussing career-related issues.

Build a career strategy to get where you want to go

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