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Title:          7 Paths to Maximizing Social Security
Focus: Retirement
Series: CareerEncores
Tony Hansman

Your career is like a marathon - not a sprint! Invest the time today to get where you want to be tomorrow!


Webinar Overview

7 Paths to Maximizing Social Security: What You Need to Know to Plan for Retirement

Did you know there are over 500 ways to take Social Security?

With so many moving parts and complicated formulas, it's no surprise people have trouble understanding Social Security. Until now...

Tony will provide you a comprehensive overview of Social Security.

You will learn:

    • How it works
    • When the best time to take it is
    • What strategies you should use to get the most out of it and how to avoid being taxed.
Plus, Tony will review the seven paths you could take to maximize your benefits.

Join Tony for insights on how you can continue to build your retirement strategy, so you have the resources to enjoy your retirement years.
Presenter: Tony Hansman
Tony is a Social Security expert and speaks across the country on several topics including Social Security Maximization and Retirement Planning. He has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and published in several media outlets. He was also a producer on the documentary about the #1 Inspirational Sports Film "Rudy!"
He is a trainer and consultant to the financial services industry. He is married to his wife Gina and they have two boys.