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Title:          Leadership 3.0: Link Out - Not In
Focus: Networking
Series: CareerSearch
Leslie Grossman
Your personal network will help you move from one job to the next!


Webinar Overview

Leadership 3.0: Link Out – Not In -- to Build Trusted Relationships that
Create Careers that Soar

Growing your business or career has become more challenging, but leaders and the most successful business professionals flourish - even in tough times - because they have one thing in common. They “Link Out” and build their own entourages - those trusted circles of people who support their successes with connections, advice, and open doors. It’s not something we often think about, but it’s true: Everyone can have their own entourage.

You will learn:

    • 5 key steps to create your own entourage
    • How your entourage can work for you
    • How to leverage your network, no matter what phase of business you’re in: -startup, plateau, growth or reinvention

Join Leslie Grossman, author of Link Out as she shares how leaders enroll influencers to collaborate with them to achieve their personal visions and learn how to use her strategies and advice to make your own visions a reality.
Presenter: Leslie Grossman
At a time when our transactional economy has transitioned into a relationship-based economy, Leslie Grossman Leadership is focused on building leaders and businesses through collaboration, shared vision and the power of trusted relationships. Leslie Grossman is a leadership and business/career development expert and author of Link Out: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections (John Wiley, 2013). 

Prior to starting Leslie Grossman Leadership, a consulting and strategic program development company for corporations and social entrepreneurship companies, she co-founded the Women’s Leadership Exchange. She was also founder of her own integrated marketing agency – CMA/B2Women. Grossman has been helping companies, professionals, executives and business owners achieve success for 25 years. 

Grossman used her integrated relationship-based strategy to launch and grow Women’s Leadership Exchange as a national program producing more than 85 conferences for women business owners with a diverse community of over 65,000 fans and Fortune 100 corporate partners. Her first book was Sellsation! How Companies Can Capture Today’s Hottest Market: Women Business Owners and Executives (WPE Press, 2005)

Leslie also chairs advisory boards of CEOs and senior executives for Vistage International.