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Encourage Your Student to Take Ownership of his/her Career!

The CareerParents program is designed to show you how important it will be for your student to take ownership of his/her career the minute he/she steps foot on campus. Our Career Center has a massive amount of career and professional development opportunities, as well as events that can lead to internships and jobs. Your role should be to encourage your student to invest time in exploring careers, building a career plan, learning job search skills, and expanding his/her professional network. Visit frequently and take advantage of the resources, videos, webinars, and discussions!


Books, reports, articles and information that will help you understand what your student needs to do.
Five videos share best practices, proven techniques, mistakes your grad will make, 18 soft skills they need and more!
Join us for a once a month Webinar featuring the latest career tips by authors career coaches and hiring managers.
Join parents like you to discuss career issues your student may face and share ideas and strategies of "learned" lessons.

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Your student should start working on their career strategy the minute they get on campus!

If you have a student entering college or currently in college you have an opportunity to step in and encourage them to take ownership of their career exploration, career planning and job search strategy.

To help you understand the issues your student will be facing after graduation and what he or she will need to know to get a job we’ve created 6 videos that will help you understand why your student needs to start working on their career plan, what they will need to know and even what mistakes they will make.

Jump in and watch any of the videos, as much and often as you’d like!


Your Graduate Will be CLUELESS On How To Find A Job!

Building a career strategy involves more than creating a resume. In today’s competitive market it will take your son or daughter four years to explore career options, build a professional network and learn job search techniques.

Yet studies show as many as 60 percent of graduating seniors will either not stop in the career center or visit less than twice their senior year!

Further, surveys show that:

  • 1. 95% of grads do not have a job search plan
  • 2. 61% had only one mentor in college
  • 3. 60% spend less than 5 hours on their job search per week.

The bottom line is clear. The vast majority of grads are clueless on how to find a job. That’s good news for your student if they’ve built a plan, bad news if your student doesn’t have a plan.

Learn the risks they face!

Your Son Or Daughter Will Need A Team Of Coaches!

Athletes have them, business executive have them, and even actors have coaches who help them break through barriers that are preventing them from being everything they could be.

Your son or daughter needs coaching. Coaching from you, coaching from professional staff at the Career Center and/or even professionals whose full time job and passion is coaching youth to find their path and take the steps necessary to reach their goals.

Spending $80, 000 on a college education without including coaching as a critical element in your son or daughters education is foolish and will have lifelong effects. Career Center staff can help your son or daughter interpret behavioral, skills and psychological assessments to help improve the odds they are choosing the right career. Goal coaching can help students keep on the path they need to build a successful career and job search strategy.

Take your part in coaching and involve a team of coaches!

Your student can use Career Center staff for resume and assessment coaching, they can use alumni mentors to coach them on how to transition from college to the corporate world, and you can be there coaching them to make sure they are moving forward on their plan. Let’s look at successful strategies to make this happen!


The Job Search Process Has Dramatically Changed!

The job search process has dramatically changed in the past 10 years.
The process has moved from being focused on newspapers and classified ads to an assortment of tools and strategies.

We’ll examine six major changes:

  • 1. Job boards
  • 2. Automated resume readers
  • 3. Social Media
  • 4. Online Community
  • 5. New job search tools
  • 6. Background check

Your student will need to be aware of these changes if they are going to develop successful job search strategies.
Join us to learn how to advise and coach your student on how dramatically the job search process has changed.


7 Strategies Your Student Will Need.

Searching for a job is not rocket science.

In fact it’s a pretty predictable technique that when done correctly will lead to the results one is looking for. But it takes, time and work to do it right.

We’ve mentioned before that the Department of Labor has indicated students today will have 11-14 jobs by the time they are 38. It only makes sense to learn how to do it right!

We’ll explore 7 strategies your student will need to employ and or master while in college. They include:

  • 1. Visit the career center!
  • 2. Explore career opportunities
  • 3. Create a personal career profile
  • 4. Create a written job search strategy
  • 5. Create a written career plan
  • 6. Understand the fundamentals of searching for a job
  • 7. Build a professional network

Each of these take time. One can’t learn them overnight.
Join us to learn how you can help your student adapt these strategies and concepts.

15 Things Business Leaders Want That Your Graduate Doesn’t Have.

Hard skills are traditionally viewed by employers to be those related to your student’s degree. Hard skills come from the curriculum, lectures, research and training students get from colleges that are required for them to graduate.

Soft skills are not picked up in classes, but will be critical to his or her success in business. Research shows that only 15% of one’s success is determined by hard skills, while the remaining 85% of one’s success depends on soft skills.

Yet, we don’t teach these in college.

Learn what soft skills your student needs when they start their first job.



career parent

You are invited to participate in a monthly career educational series that will give you the knowledge you need to help your student develop a career plan, learn how to manage a career, and implement successful job search strategies. You will hear the latest career tips and strategies from career authors, coaches and hiring managers. This information will help you understand what your student will need to do while they are in college to prepare for their first professional job search.

For scheduled and recorded presentations visit the Webinars tab and filter the webinar series for CareerParents.




career parent

Every year, millions of parents watch their son or daughter head off to college and every single one of them is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for their son or daughter but, each are quietly reserved about the roadblocks and issues their son or daughter will face and how they will handle them.

Our CareerParents community is designed to give you an opportunity to ask career questions and gain input from each other.