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Title:          Create a Career Plan for Your Job of a Lifetime
Focus: Career Management
Series: CareerDiscussions
Jane Falter

If you don't know where you are going - you are already there!
Develop a plan to get where you want to go


Webinar Overview

Create a Career Plan for Your Job of a Lifetime

What’s next for you? You have decided that now’s the time for you to move to your next career chapter. Perhaps, the timing was forced upon you… or maybe you’ve simply decided it’s time for something new. Before you start, you really need to know the key elements for a successful job search.

You’ll learn:

    • How to market yourself
    • How to find a coach who knows what hiring manager want
    • How to make an investment in yourself and get the job of your dreams faster
    • What your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile need to showcase to paint the picture that you are the best person for the job.
    • how to enlist social media and your valuable contacts to help you find your ideal job

If you’re daunted by the prospect of looking for a job in today’s marketplace, you need to do more than just submit resume after resume to job boards. Join Jane as she teaches you how to prepare and then put your best foot forward when you get a coveted interview.
Presenter: Jane Falter
I thought I had the rest of my life planned out. I would stick it out at the company I worked for another five years until I saved enough to retire in style. But in June 2006, I was laid-off as part of a reorganization. I could feel my blood boil when my supervisor reviewed my severance package and retirement benefits… Retire? I wasn’t ready to retire!

When I got over the shock of losing my job, I realized it was a gift. I had been very unhappy for several years, but allowed the lure of a lucrative regular paycheck to hold me back from pursuing my dream of becoming a Coach. My confidence was at an all-time low and my fears were at an all-time high. What did I know about starting a business? Suppose I failed? Maybe I would find I didn’t have the right skills. Now that my secure paycheck was no longer secure–it was now or never. I decided to go for it.

In the fall 2009, I became a part of a career network started by Tory Johnson, Good Morning America’s workplace contributor. I began to explore what ways I could help others find the passion and joy in their career I now know is possible. As I worked with my career club clients, I saw that each member needed a resume-makeover.

Besides helping people with job search skills and materials, one of my other favorite things is to help leaders grow within their job. Do you have a mentor or coach who is objective, is familiar with corporate life and its expectations, and whose only goal is to see you and your team succeed (no worry about what you say will get back to your boss)? If you would like to explore how a coach can help you in your career, call for an initial consultation to see if we’re a match.


  • More than 25 years as a human resources manager
  • Experience in non-profit, distribution, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries
  • Last position in a multi-billion dollar global organization
  • MS in Human Resources Development—Rochester Institute of Technology
  • BA in Education—William Paterson University
  • SHRM-SPC, SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resources) Certifications
  • CPC (Certified Professional Coach)—iPEC Coaching Program
  • ACRW (Academy Certified Resume Writer)—Resume Writing Academy