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Title:          The Mechanics of Job Search and Getting Your Next Job Fast
Focus: Job Search
Series: CareerSearch
Rick Gillis

Learn how to get a job faster, with less effort and stay happy!

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Webinar Overview

Learn how to search for a job with a lot less effort!  Research shows that your chances of getting a job decrease each month you are unemployed.  If the “handwriting is on the wall,” or you are thinking of a job change, pick up proven techniques to not only land a job faster, but to land a job that fits your chosen career path.

You will learn:

1.      Simple techniques to identify jobs you can “close” faster.

2.      What employers are looking for so that you can adapt your search.

3.      Effective ways to show your “ROI” by emphasizing your past accomplishments.

…all by gaining the insight and practical wisdom of author Rick Gillis.

Presenter: Rick Gillis
As employee number one with the first job board serving the greater Houston, TX (USA) market in the 90's, Rick Gillis was exposed to the amazing disconnect that was-- and continues to be-- contemporary job search.

First came public speaking

State agencies, professional associations, networking groups, and job search ministries began calling-- asking for someone to explain how job seekers should employ (pun intended) this new technology. Rick took the call and before long was speaking to larger and larger groups.

Then writing

2007 saw the publishing of Rick's first book, Really Useful Job Search Tactics, followed by The Real Secret to Finding a Job? Make Me Money or Save Me Money!, and the college eBook Make Me Money or Save Me Money!; as well as 2012’s publication JOB!  

To being quoted & noted

As well as hosting two radio talk shows in Houston & Dallas, Rick has been heard on NPR & PBS as well as on stations across the US, in Canada, the Caribbean, and even Australia! Rick has been quoted and noted in The WSJ, Business,,, The Houston Chronicle/,,,,,, and many more. His TV appearances include PBS, CBS, Fox, ABC/The Live Well Network, as well as hosting an award-winning 5-part series: HCC Partners for Jobs: Re-Train, Re-Invent and Reenter. Rick also produced & hosted 33 episodes of HCC-TV's "Get a Job," a 1/2 hour employment talk show, and is a contributing writer for