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Title:          Master the Art &Science of Interviewing
Focus: Interviewing
Series: CareerSearch
John Kador

Walk in and out of interviews with beaming confidence knowing you left an incredible impression.
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Webinar Overview

Studies show the average job seeker will go through 16 interviews before getting a job offer!  Join John Kador, author of 301 Best Questions to ASK on Your Interview, to learn how you can maximize the opportunities you get.  You will walk away with a strategy that gives you more confidence and control of the interview process.

You will learn:

1.    How to wow interviewers when asked,Is there anything you'd like to ask us?"

2.   The behaviors hiring managers are looking for in candidates.

3.   Dozens of questions and simple research exercises you can use at an interview to make you more memorable than your competitors.

Presenter: John Kador
Born in Budapest, Hungary, I grew up in New York City. I received an undergraduate degree (English) from Duke University and a graduate degree (Public Relations) from The American University.

I began my writing career as an advertising copywriter for a high-tech, business-to-business ad agency in Washington, DC. I turned freelance in 1984 and quickly achieved success serving clients in the information technology and telecommunications industries by virtue of being fast and accurate. When potential clients ask me why they should hire me, this is what I say:

I write faster than any writer who writes better, and I write better than any writer who writes faster.

My family includes Anna Beth Payne, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Counseling Center at Susquehanna University, a small, liberal arts college in Selinsgrove, Penn. We have two children. My son Dan is a software engineer working for San Francisco-based My daughter Rachel recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts and is now working as an Account Director at Blue Fountain Media.