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Title:          The 5 Years Before You Retire
Focus: Work/Life
Series: CareerEncores
Emily Guy Birken
Planning will get you where you want to be and do during your retirement years!

The 5 Years Before You Retire

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You did a great deal of planning and strategizing when you went to college.  You took the SAT and/or ACT.  You filled in forms, visited colleges and analyzed which college would fit the family budget.

But here you stand, maybe a decade or perhaps only a few years away from retirement, and if you are like most Boomers, you’ve done little to plan other than continue to invest in your savings plan.    You have an opportunity to lead a rich, fulfilling retirement.  Emily provides a number of ideas you can act on that will help you build strong financial, medical and personal strategies. 

Join Emily to learn strategies to:

  • Protect the family’s finances
  • Avoid retirement pitfalls
  • Prepare for health care expenses
  • Navigate through the Medicare process

…and learn what to do if you don’t have enough saved!

Presenter: Emily Guy Birken
Emily Guy Birken is a former English teacher, and an excellent freelance writer. She's also a stay-at-home-mom. She resides in Lafayette, IN, with her engineer husband and son. Emily's thoughts on parenting and life in general are found at The SAHMnambulist