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Title:          3 Steps to Your Best Job After Graduation
Focus: Job Search
Series: CareerCamp
Steven Steinfeld
You can't just wing it!  You need to have a job search strategy.

3 Steps to Your Best Job After Graduation

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Webinar Overview
You are about to step into an entirely unknown world – the world of the professional job search. You can’t use the same techniques you used to get part time jobs when you first began looking for a job as a starting point for your career.

The good news is that there are proven techniques that, when applied, will not only get you interviews, but will help you land the kind of job you want that can springboard you to the next career-worthy job.

Steven will share how to: 

1.Create a discovery, preparation, and action plan.
2.Stay cool and collected-- and ace the interview!
3.Develop your value statement.

Your job search is going to be the most important job you will ever have. Join Steven to gain an understanding about how to manage it without stressing out!
Presenter: Steven Steinfeld
Steven Steinfeld is one of the premier job search speakers in the United States, and the author of two critically acclaimed job search books, "3 Steps to Your Best Job Ever! (Second Edition Feb 2014)," and "3 Steps to Your Job in the USA."

He is the founder and Managing Director of Executive to Executive Coaching, Inc. of which "Over 40 and Hired Career Coaching," "New Grad and Hired Career Coaching," and "International Student USA Career Coaching" are affiliates.

Steven's seminars and workshops are easy to understand, and designed to take even the most challenged job seeker to a better and faster result through his proven 3-step approach. His presentations have been sponsored by more than a dozen universities and every major non-profit Career Services organization in the Chicago area. He is also consultant and student advisor to the graduate schools at Northern Illinois University and the Illinois Institute of Technology, and has consulted with Associated Colleges of Illinois. He is also on the advisory boards of Consult Global, Internship Desk, and The Careers College.

Steven's success has resulted in newspaper, radio and TV interviews, one of the top 1% visited LinkedIn profiles, and 600 unsolicited LinkedIn Endorsements.

Prior to entering the coaching ranks, Steven had an award winning global corporate management and consulting career for companies such as IBM that spanned 30 countries on six continents. Unique to job search coaching professionals, he brings expertise in sales, marketing, networking, strategic planning, HR, and recruiting to his current work.

Steven holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a certificate in Marketing Management from the Executive MBA program at the Wharton School of Business.

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