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Title:          The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life
Focus: Career Management
Series: CareerCamp
Robert L. Dilenschneider
Get out of the starting gate with the knowlege you need to fit within the corporate culture and keep your job!


Webinar Overview
Robert’s been there and done that.

He’s an amazingly successful businessman and entrepreneur and a consultant for clients worldwide. Robert knows what companies are looking for in new hires.

Companies pay BIG bucks to gain his advice, but you will get it just for showing up!

Robert sees the employment landscape you are about to enter as unstable, unpredictable, and extremely competitive. You will gain invaluable guidance to meet the specific challenges of today's fast-evolving job market and learn how you can use your talent, originality, and initiative to stand out from the 1.5 million other graduates who are entering the workforce.

The first years of your professional life are critical to long-term success in any field. The skills you acquire, the contacts you make, and the lessons you learn will help you remain involved, adaptable, and always ahead of the curve. Take the easy route to the top by listening to the sage advice of a guy that is already at the top!
Presenter: Robert L. Dilenschneider
Founder and Principal of the Dilenschneider Group

Robert L. Dilenschneider formed The Dilenschneider Group in October 1991.

Prior to forming his own firm, Mr. Dilenschneider served as president and chief executive officer of Hill and Knowlton, Inc. from 1986 to 1991.

He has counseled major corporations, professional groups, trade associations and educational institutions, and has assisted clients in dealings with regulatory agencies, labor unions, consumer groups and minorities, among others.

Mr. Dilenschneider has authored eight books — including the best-selling Power and Influence, A Briefing for Leaders, On Power, The Critical 14 Years of Your Professional Life, Moses: C.E.O — and The Critical 2nd Phase of your Professional Life. Most recently, he published 50 Plus!—Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life.

Mr. Dilenschneider started in public relations in 1967 in New York, shortly after receiving an M.A. in journalism from Ohio State University, and a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame.