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Title:          Interview Like Yourself... No, Really! Follow Your Strengths and Skill
Focus: Interviewing
Series: CareerSearch
Jezra Kaye
Research is showing it takes on average 11 interviews to land a job.  Invest the time to learn about the company and prepare to increase your odds!

Interview Like Yourself... No, Really! Follow Your Strengths and Skill

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You can’t ignore a professional speechwriter who gets paid huge bucks to give advice to executives about how to make the best impression in front of board members, the press and investors. Jezra Kaye has distilled decades of experience and advice into on effective presentations in this presentation based on her book. Research by Babich Associates suggests it takes 11 interviews to get a job. Imagine if you could cut that down to 5. Not only would you get a job faster (and end up with more dough) but you will definite keep your confidence and cool!

Jezra will share with you how to keep your cool while you are in the “hot seat”, and being interviewed by individuals or groups. She will share how to master the fine art of not only anticipating questions, but stopping to make sure you heard the question correctly so you can instantly develop a cogent response.

She will also share how to connect who you are to what you have done, to make hiring managers confident that – YOU are the right choice.
Presenter: Jezra Kaye
Jezra Kaye is the President of Speak Up for Success, and an acclaimed public speaking coach, workshop leader, and keynote speaker.

Jezra’s communications career began in music.

A performing vocalist from the age of 16, she worked with jazz bands, jug bands, society orchestras, and Top 40 groups in Boston and San Francisco.

She studied improvisation, voice, and piano for more than a dozen years, and holds a Bachelors degree in jazz improvisation from the world-renowned New England Conservatory of Music.

Jezra’s uniquely rhythmic and audience-oriented approach to speechwriting and speaker coaching stands on the foundation of her music education and performance background.

Following a move to New York, Jezra’s focus shifted to her second love, writing. In the early 1990s, she became a marketing communications expert and corporate speechwriter.

In that role, she assembled and led teams that wrote speeches, videos, training materials, and more for Fortune 500 clients including Pfizer, Novartis, Astra-Zeneca, AT&T, M&M Mars, K-Mart, Aramark, Roche Laboratories, Mastercard, Lucent Technologies, and more. She also coached C-level executives, marketing and sales VPs, medical directors, brand managers, and others on presentation skills and stagecraft.

In 2003, Jezra launched her own company, Speak Up for Success. Her goal was to work with a broad range of people, and to use public speaking skills to empower anyone who had an important message to deliver.

Today, she coaches private clients from all backgrounds and industries, in person and via Skype, while continuing to write speeches, design and lead workshops, and deliver keynote speeches.

Jezra is also the author or co-author of five business and public speaking books (a sixth is coming in late 2014).

Jezra lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is married to celebrated jazz guitarist and bass guitarist Jerome Harris, and has one adult daughter, Laurika Harris-Kaye.