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Title:          8 Ways To Use Facebook In Your Job Search
Focus: Social Media
Series: CareerCamp
Natascha Saunders
You've used Facebook to network and communicate socially, now learn how to use it to advance your career!

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Webinar Overview
You've used Facebook for years now and you probably don't think you need someone to tell you how to use it to get a job.


While Facebook has served as your own personal social calendar and rolodex, you now need to be thinking about using Facebook as a professional networking tool! “Ughh,” you say!

Well, Natascha provides some compelling arguments and ideas on just how you can do that.

To get you started, she'll share ideas about how to redo your informational page so that it mirrors your resume. She'll also share strategies to protect your pictures from everyone who isn’t a direct friend. (You don’t want to give prospective employers easy access to the “fun” side of you just yet!)

You'll also pick up a dozen suggestions about how to use the advanced search tool to drill into companies, and to find alumni and others that can help you get a job.

You'll also learn how to leverage your brand by commenting on the fan pages of companies where you may be interested in working.
Presenter: Natascha Saunders
Natascha has been an inspirational certified career coach for more than 10 years, as well as a speaker and workshop facilitator. She provides coaching in continuing education, job search strategies, interviewing, personal branding, resumes, goal-setting, and networking.

Natascha’s clients are from a variety of industry sectors and academic levels including high school, college, graduate programs, professional fields, and senior level executives.