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Title:          Powerful Phrases for a Successful Interview
Focus: Interviewing
Series: CareerSearch
Tony Beshara

Interviews are like rare jewels!  You have to work to get them.  Learn how to be prepared for your next interview. 

Powerful Phrases for a Successful Interview

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Webinar Overview
According to Workopolis, only 14 percent of employers spend more than 1 minute reviewing a resume--with the average person scanning a resume for fewer than 11 seconds!

If you’ve made it to the short list of the resume gatekeeper, pat yourself on the back!   If you make it to the interview – jump for joy! 

Your next part of the gauntlet is to impress the interviewer.

According to Tony Beshara, it takes the average person a minimum of 11 interviews to get a job. There are many reasons why, but one of them is that few people prepare for interviews.

You will learn powerful phrases for:

  • Increasing the chances that your resume will be read
  • Opening and closing your initial interview
  • Demonstrating your ability to do the job
  • Showing you are the best fit!

Join Tony to learn tips about how you can prepare for your interview, and more importantly, the successful phrases that will help you land the job

Presenter: Tony Beshara
He has been a professional recruiter since 1973 and has personally found more than 8500 individuals jobs. He sits behind a desk every day, working the phone literally seven hours of the twelve hours a day, making close to 200 calls a day. He is in the trenches on a day-to-day basis. Tony has personally interviewed more than 26,000 people on all professional levels and has worked with more than 23,000 hiring authorities. Babich and Associates has helpe more than 100,000 people find jobs using Tony‘s process.